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Bags & Bells

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Bags & Bells

Bags and Bells Cardio Boxing Fitness Class | Kwame Ritter, personal trainer | Elite SFN Columbia, MD

Our Bags & Bells ®  one hour class provides both strength training and a great cardio workout!

We incorporate Kettlebells and Kickboxing or Boxing to provide an intense one hour conditioning. The Bags & Bells class is a great way to achieve overall strength and stamina in the Columbia, Maryland area.  The first Bags & Bells class is free. Personal trainer and fitness guru, Kwame Ritter will guide and support your path to personal fitness success.


Kwame Ritter
Kwame Ritter
Personal Trainer | Boxing Coach

Your first training session and evaluation is on us.

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Times and Location


    Class Type: Co-Ed



  • Wednesday @ 6:45pm


    9190 Red Branch RD, Columbia 21045