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Krav Maga | Kids (5-12yrs)

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Krav Maga | Kids (5-12yrs)

Round House Kids Krav Maga Class in Columbia Ellicott City Howard County Maryland

RoundHouse Kid's Krav Maga is designed to help keep children safe from bullies, kidnappers and other threats our children face, as well as build confidence and self-respect.

We teach children avoidance of confrontation, then defenses when necessary to escape a situation. We also show children the variations in technique if the attacker is a bully their size, or a stranger - an adult they do not know. We talk about options that they have in situations, what is okay to do and what is excessive.

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  • Building Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Have Fun
  • Team Building
  • Exercise
  • Realistic age appropriate Self-Defense Training
  • Bully Prevention

Brian Kushner
Brian Kushner
Personal Trainer | Krav Maga Instructor

Times and Location


    Class Type: Kids


    Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday

  • Mon @ 5:30pm

    Wed @ 4:30pm

    Sat @ 6:00pm (Advanced)

    Sat @ 11:00am


    9190 Red Branch Rd, Columbia 21045