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Tybag Explosion

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Tybag Explosion

Tybag Explosion
Tybag Explosion

George Tyler’s Fitness schedule is designed to give you variety and a mix of cardio/strength. GT Fitness also will work on trouble body parts as well. Designed for all levels to make sure your working at your fitness intensity.

Tybag Explosion is a cardio workout punching a bag for 50 min.

* Required

  Taekwondo (Adult)
  Taekwondo (Kids)
  Boxing Class (Adult)
  Boxing Class (Kids)
  Kettle Bell Class
  Krav Maga
  TRX Class
  Total Body Class
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George Tyler
George Tyler
Personal Trainer | Fitness Instructor

Times and Location


    Class Type: Co-Ed


    Every Thursday & Saturday

  • Thurs @ 9:30am

    Sat @ 8:00am


    9190 Red Branch RD, Columbia 21045