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Fitness in Howard County

Since 2013, Elite SFN has helped individuals create a healthy and fit lifestyle involving internal and external improvements in health and wellness. In a society that is constantly growing and expanding Elite SFN has been dedicated to help others live a healthy lifestyle with a healthy mindset. Elite SFN ensures the health and wellness of all, including the youth. By ensuring the physical and mental stability of our youth we are ensuring a brighter future for these individuals and their communities.

Elite SFN would not only like to address the current concerns for obesity, crime and poverty, but would also like to take immediate action in attempts to rehabilitate the youth and community. Childhood obesity has reached epidemic rates and is continuing to rise leading to mental, social, physical and emotional health issues that only get within time.. Action must be taken immediately as time only increases the issue. Nearly one third of children in America are overweight or obese, a rate that has tripled in adolescents and more than doubled in younger children since 1980. One third of all individuals born in the year 2000 or later will eventually suffer from health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and asthma over the course of their lifetime. Without the proper tools and intervention, this problem will only rise to become a bigger issue than it already is which is why it is important to take action immediately. Children are our future leaders and it is our job to educate and train them on maintaining their physical and mental health by bringing awareness and providing them methods of prevention. Along with obesity, Elite SFN would like to target and help children and young adults that are specifically in areas of poverty and crime so that these individuals would not be subjected to their living conditions but rather focus on the positive, becoming physically and mentally stronger and healthier.

Elite SFN would like to propose the idea of providing boxing courses to the youth. Evidence shows contact sports such as boxing helps bring about a positive change in which Elite SFN would sincerely love to be a part of. In order to succeed, these efforts must be strategically targeted, and accountability should be clear. Although Elite SFN prides on its boxing program there are other programs that can be of interest to the youth as well such as weigh training, cardio boxing, kickboxing, boot-camps, personal training, group cycling, kettlebell classes, hap-ki-do, krav maga, Brazilian jui justu, MMA, TRX suspension training, judo and more. Elite SFN boxing is a proactive approach to reduce juvenile crimes in Maryland. Boxing will give youth a sense of belong in a family environment while teaching them the fundamental of boxing. Elite SFN is accredited with CPR and First Aid certifications. We would like to help individuals in physical and mental strength and health, by creating an individualized plan for each youth to target in assisting them specifically we believe we can make a significant difference. For each individual we make a difference to, we are making a difference in the community itself as we promote self-confidence, team building, discipline, structure while raising self-esteems.


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