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Can Boxing Help Save Baltimore's Youth?


"If the events of the last several weeks have taught us anything, it is that there are systems in place in Baltimore City that set young people, particularly young people of color, up to fail. And the agencies designed to protect and serve these children often seem unable—or, perhaps worse, unwilling—to alter this reality for them.

There are those within Baltimore’s boxing community, however, who are attempting to take the fate of the city’s youth into their own hands. They show children ages five and up how to throw jabs and hooks, how to bob and weave, how to jump rope and hit punching bags. But more than teaching the fundamentals of fighting, boxing programs have proved to be a useful tool for keeping at-risk youth in school, out of detention centers, and away from the gangs that infest their neighborhoods."

Excerpt from the Fightland Blog by Jackson Connor

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