Bags & Bells

The Elite Shared Fitness Network located in Howard County, MD provides many certified personal trainers to help you reach your personal goals. Personal training is the best way to create a plan to achieve and retain maximum fitness and health. Convenient for Columbia, Ellicott City, Baltimore, Catonsville & Fulton.

Bags & Bells

Bags and Bells Cardio Boxing Fitness Class | Kwame Ritter, personal trainer | Elite SFN Columbia, MD

Our Bags & Bells ®one hour class provides both strength training and a great cardio workout!

We incorporate Kettlebells and Kickboxing or Boxing to provide an intense one hour conditioning.The Bags & Bells class is a great way to achieve overall strength and stamina in the Columbia, Maryland area.  The first Bags & Bells class is free. Personal trainer and fitness guru, Kwame Ritter will guide and support your path to personal fitness success.


Kwame Ritter
Kwame Ritter
Personal Trainer, Boxing Coach

Your first training session and evaluation is on us.

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