Fitness Instructor
Richard Brefo

Professional MMA instruction and classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling, Kung Fu and Individual Strength Training. Gunn Academy MMA in Columbia, MD.

Richard Brefo

Richard Brefo

Boxing Instructor, Personal Trainer

Exercise Science, Ace Certified Personal Trainer

"As an Exercise Science, Ace Certified Personal Trainer, I have a passion for functional fitness, but I'm very versed in the field of bodybuilding as well as powerlifting. To coach, one has to have some experience in the field, understand the different modalities of fitness, and specifically gear the training program toward the client's goals. Whatever your goals are, if you give me your max efforts, I'll ensure we achieve them!"

– Richard

You won't find anybody with more infectious energy than Richard. He will motivate and educate you while working out your whole body. You best believe he'll get you stronger! He started at a young age playing sports, which made him soon realize how it can manipulate the body by simply being active. This sparked his interest to become even more involved, and he decided to get his associates in exercise science. Now he is focused on helping others achieve their goal!