Our weight loss plan consists of both cardiovascular boxing exercise and resistance training. The Elite cardio weight loss class will burn fat and remove inches, quick, just in time for summer. We have many fitness classes to burn fat at our gym in Columbia, Ellicott City, Howard County, MD.
Medicaid Insurance provides payment for fitness classes


We have partnered with Parker Psychiatric Services to offer free fitness and boxing training for anyone with Medicaid insurance.

Using boxing as a way to increase fitness and relief stress at Elite SFN we can help discipline our youth and provide adults a path to greater health using our proven fitness programs.

Anyone may be eligible for this program from the ages of 8 & all the way up to 40 or older. As long as you have Medicaid Insurance.

Program Qualifications:

1. Must qualify and have medicate insurance and fill out a referral form provided by Parker Psychiatric Services  (We have the forms at the gym).
2. Must come in to train at least a minimum of 3-4 times a month.
3. If you do not have transportation a ride can be provided for you.

Fitness Access For All.

No matter the circumstance everybody should have access to a healthy lifestyle. We offer assistance for at risk youth and are dedicated to giving back to kids and adults in our community.