Fitness Instructor
Darryl Bagley

Our weight loss plan consists of both cardiovascular boxing exercise and resistance training. The Elite cardio weight loss class will burn fat and remove inches, quick, just in time for summer. We have many fitness classes to burn fat at our gym in Columbia, Ellicott City, Howard County, MD.

Darryl Bagley

Darryl Bagley

Technical Boxing, Youth Boxing

Every opportunity Darry gets, you will see him in the ring sparring with a local champ or sharing his knowledge (Darryl loves books as much as boxing) and helping people make progress.

Playing sports from 7 years old, he was a D2 wrestler at Colorado State University while studying *Kinesiology. Over time he discovered his love for boxing and started competing in amateur boxing and golden gloves.

So don’t be surprised if you see him becoming a pro fighter one day.

Here are a few fun facts:
Favorite Food
Pump Up Music
90s-00s hip hop
Pet Peeve
Wasted Time
Favorite Muscle To Work
My Brain
Fun Fact
I love the water
Training Specialty

*Kinesiology is the study of the body's movement. Kinesiology specialists use their knowledge of human physiology and movement to help recover patients' mobility and improve their lives through exercise.