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The Elite Shared Fitness Network located in Howard County, MD provides many certified personal trainers to help you reach your personal goals. Personal training is the best way to create a plan to achieve and retain maximum fitness and health. Convenient for Columbia, Ellicott City, Baltimore, Catonsville & Fulton.

Personal Fitness Trainer in Howard County

Our gym members in Howard County have already discovered the benefits of working with an Elite SFN Personal Fitness Trainer.

From designing a customized workout plan to providing ongoing motivation and support, our Personal Trainers at Elite SFN are passionate about motivating you to achieve your specific personal fitness goals in and around the Columbia, Howard County, MD area.

Passion, purpose, caring, and coaching...
these qualities make an Elite SFN Personal Trainer.

Personal training can help you perform workouts most effectively to reach your goals, whether that be strength, size, endurance, and fat loss. Training with our highly skilled individual will ensure that you are going through movements with the best form possible and avoiding injury. Our Elite trainers keep the workouts interesting and exciting, so there is never a dull moment.

Our Personal Trainers Provide:
  1. Knowledge of human anatomy and the concepts of functional exercise, basic nutrition, and basic exercise science
  2. An ability to design individual and group exercise programs tailored to the needs and attainable goals of specific clients
  3. An ability to conduct and understand the need and importance of screening and client assessment, initially and progressively
  4. An ability to execute individual fitness program design in a safe and effective way
  5. A desire to help clients reach their health and fitness goals through appropriate cardiovascular, flexibility and resistance exercise
  6. An ability to motivate others to improve their overall fitness and health
  7. A dedication to maintaining personal integrity and your own health and fitness

Our Personal Trainers deliver safe, effective, fun workouts for all fitness-minded clients in the Baltimore/Washington areas. Our fitness training programs are varied and progressive and custom-tailored toward improving your health and wellness.

Kwame Ritter
Kwame Ritter
Professional Fighter, Boxing Coach
Deo Kizito
Deo Kizito
Technical Boxing, Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer
George Tyler
George Tyler
Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor
Kendal Thompson
Kendal Thompson
Technical Boxing, Personal Trainer

Call (443) 545-5123 or complete the form below to find the Personal Trainer who is right for YOU.

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