Fitness Instructor
Kendal Thompson

Fitness and Boxing workout in Columbia, Howard County, MD

Kendal Thompson

Kendal Thompson

Technical Boxing, Personal Trainer

You won’t find anyone with more patience than Kendal. His calm demeanor will encourage and help you stay relaxed and focused, which is vital while learning new skills. But don’t get it twisted - he will have you practice, practice, practice! The skills don’t come without hard work and persistence. 

From a young age, Kendal was intrigued by martial arts. That interest inspired him to learn Muay Thai as a teenager, leading him to his amateur fighting career as a boxer.

Favorite Food: Chinese
Pump-Up Music: Hip-hop/Rap
Pet Peeve: Ignorant People
Favorite Muscle to Develop: Abs
Fun Fact: I also trained Muay Thai
Training Specialty: Footwork/Self Defense