Technical Boxing

Technical boxing and Fitness Classes in Columbia, Howard County, MD

Learn The Sweet Science of Technical Boxing

At Elite Boxing & Fitness, we strive to provide comprehensive training that encompasses the sport's technical aspects and the underlying science that drives it. Our experienced coaches and trainers are well-versed in the principles and techniques of boxing and are dedicated to helping individuals achieve their goals.

Our training programs focus on teaching the correct techniques and strategies to maximize your performance and make you look and feel like a professional boxer. We emphasize the importance of defensive skills, ensuring that you not only deliver powerful punches but also master the art of evading and blocking your opponent's strikes. The concept of "hit and don't get hit" is at the core of our training philosophy.

Whether you aspire to compete on an amateur or professional level or want to have fun and lose weight while challenging yourself, Elite Boxing & Fitness is the perfect place. Our structured training sessions provide a safe and supportive environment where you can push yourself to the next level, both physically and mentally.

You are invited to our free consultation session to further discuss specific goals and requirements. This consultation will allow us to understand your needs better and tailor a training program that suits you best.

We Offer Technical Boxing Classes For All Levels

Boxing classes are open to all levels. Whether you are just starting, want to learn how to defend yourself, look to compete on an amateur or professional status, or are interested in having fun and losing weight by genuinely challenging yourself to the next level.

Let us teach you the correct form and art of boxing.

We teach from a more technical standpoint. Learn all the fundamentals of boxing from your stance, proper form, punches, and defensive techniques. We have three different groups beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

All technical Boxing classes are 90 mins long to teach the proper form technique and conditioning. At Elite, you train like the pros, whether looking into finding a new hobby or just getting into a fun way of learning something new.

Your first class is free!

Kwame Ritter
Kwame Ritter
Professional Fighter, Boxing Coach
Deo Kizito
Deo Kizito
Technical Boxing, Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer
Kendal Thompson
Kendal Thompson
Technical Boxing, Personal Trainer
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Mitts Instructor, Boxing Coach


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