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New Mobility Class

Want To Enjoy Life Pain Free? Ever wonder why you're always so achy in the morning or right before your workout, but as soon as you warm up it seems to go away? Do you constantly feel tight in your shoulder or hips? You're probably suffering with constant muscle knots and adhesions. This is probably due from a long forgotten injury or going from your sedentary job to being active in your f..

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Flow Yoga Class

Flow Yoga Classes in Columbia Md | EliteSFN Columbia, Md Flow Yoga now at Elite SFN! Our class uses Vinyasa yoga (vinyasa yoga baltimore) as its base, incorporating elements from Pilates, martial arts, and other forms of bodyweight resistance training. Flow Yoga is designed to challenge both the mind and body. Our class (/classes/flow-yoga-columbia) centers on linking movements together,..

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Lifestyle changes by Kenneth Kelly

Kenneth Kelly, 66 Elkridge, Maryland When Kenneth Kelly was told he had an arrhythmia in 2011, the 377-pound Elkridge resident knew it was time to pay more attention to his health. While his doctor didn’t order him to drop the pounds, Kelly knew that the excess weight was taxing his body. “It’s burdensome when you have that much weight,” says..

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The First Fighter From Elite SFN!

Elite SFN’s own Lizzie Guillot competed in her first boxing match on August 15 at Salinas, CA We couldn’t be more proud of Lizzie here at Elite SFN! "She kicked my ass but she taught me somethin... I hope I can be on her level some day! Thanks for the amazing first fight!” ..

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Can Boxing Help Save Baltimore's Youth?

"If the events of the last several weeks have taught us anything, it is that there are systems in place in Baltimore City that set young people, particularly young people of color, up to fail. And the agencies designed to protect and serve these children often seem unable—or, perhaps worse, unwilling—to alter this reality for them. There are those within Baltimore’s ..

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Boxing Birthday Parties

A great 90 minute, high energy party which kids go through 12 rounds of games and fun activities to crown The Champion of The World (your child). Party includes: One large pizza Juice Plates / napkins / utensils Goody bags Championship belt..

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Find Your Personal Trainers, Boxing, Fitness and Self-Defense Classes

Elite SFN provides a friendly, motivating and energizing environment for all your fitness needs. We have Certified Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors who are ready to help you jump start your fitness journey. Elite SFN is also proud to offer other programs like boxing, kettle bells, krav maga self-defense, trx suspension, kick boxing to assist you with your fitness goals and needs. We offer many group classes per week, all included in your membership.





Audrey "I enjoy working out at Elite SFN. The trainers put you at ease. They are all friendly and welcoming. Their workouts are varied and work on different muscle groups each time. The trainers listen carefully to your workout concerns and coach you to get your needs met. I highly recommend this gym! "

Audrey Member

Ernest Gabriel "I really enjoy working out at Elite the staff makes you feel comfortable and they are very encouraging. Also they offer a verity of classes. One of the things I enjoy is that the workouts are always different. "

Ernest Gabriel Encouraging Staff

Kenneth J. "This is still the top spot in the entire Columbia area for boxing and conditioning classes. Kwame's actually added some technical boxing classes to complement the conditioning oriented classes. In addition-- and I haven't checked these out yet-- he just launched some studio cycling classes for more workout variation! "

Kenneth J. Top Spot in Columbia Area

Mark "Elite SFN gym has something for everybody. Whether you are a beginner and want to improve your general fitness, or an aspiring amateur in combat sports such as kickboxing or boxing. Kwame will taylor a program that is specific to your needs, make you feel comfortable, and help you reach your personal goals. Great gym atmosphere makes you want to keep coming back! "

Mark Member

Nathan "Kwame, and all the rest of the trainers at the gym are very good and give challenging workouts that make you push yourself harder then you would alone. Also, the way the gym is run, everyone is nice and tries to know you by name. There are a variety of classes to take and will be expanding soon, so there is no shortage of things to do. "

Nathan Member

Rummy V. "This place is amazing! Great price and great people! It's like paying for a gym and a personal trainer. The people here really work with you. The managers of the gym don't just sit in the back they workout with you and sincerely support you in trying to better help yourself. It's not just a gym, they train you one on one and even help you with a workout/diet plan! I recommend this place to everyone! "

Rummy V. Columbia MD
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